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My intro!

I'm gonna post an intro despite there not being a new post in... what, over three years? Good idea? Good idea.

Name: Lindsay
Age: 20
Location: Bartlett/moving to Munford within weeks
Occupation: Currently working at Gamestop.
Web page(s): sparklerstar.tumblr.com
Lolita Style: Classic and gothic, especially florals.
How long you have been a lolita: Not very long. Liked it since I was a young teen but just recently started filling out my 'drobe.
My fave thing about lolita is _______. Hmmm. Poofy dresses and floral prints? Brands with lots of neat tights?
Fave brand: AaTP and MMM! If indie counts, my ALL TIME FAVORITE is Krad Lanrete. I own most of their prints.
Other interests: Cosplay, writing, Pokemon, reading, ADVENTURE....
Fave thing in your wardrobe: Mozarabic Chant in blue.
Most wanted item (right now): AaTP Gloria JSK, either cut in Antique or Navy...
Personal quote: No.
6 random facts about you: I attend U of M and am working towards an English major, I have plans to move to Nashville soon, I am somewhat of a shopaholic, I am short, I have a mega sweet tooth, and I looooove Pokemon.

Intro Post

Name: Rachel
Age: nineteen
Location: midtown
Occupation: art student
Web page(s): currently inactive.
Lolita Style: gothic/classic mix.
How long you have been a lolita: found the style about two years ago, but am only just now beginning to cultivate the roots of a respectable wardrobe.
My fave thing about lolita is the magnificent fucking lace.
Fave brand: probably a tie between AatP and Millenoirs/Millefleurs.
Other interests: art, reading, poetry, singing, playing the guitar, sewing, steampunk, running, vidya games, dungeons and dragons and other tabletop roleplaying games, sleep deprivation, serial killers, ghosts, alternative musically-based subcultures, para para dancing, tarot cards.
Fave thing in your wardrobe: this changes frequently, but at the moment i'm really excited over a vintage blouse that i found in a thrift store for like two dollars. it's this beautiful glossy wine-colored fabric with really lovely lace edging on the sleeve cuffs and i want to wear it everywhere.
Most wanted item: close tie between AatP's Sleeping Beauty print and AatP's Beardsley Rose Alice print.
Personal quote: you must punch it until it submits.
6 random facts about you:
my mac is referred to as either 'my robot' or 'the mac-daddy'. protip: replacing the name of any technological device with 'my robot' makes your life sound that much cooler. 'oh, hang on, i've got a text on my robot' 'shit, dude, you wrecked your mom's robot?' 'they have a really good sale on robots over at best buy today'.
my middle name is 'autumn ayn rose'.
i drink my coffee black (like a ninja)
i live in a haunted house (with secret rooms in the attic.)
i have a crippling secret weakness for 'girly' games.
i'm a weird cross between a vegan and a pescatarian because i can't give up sushi. sorry, fishies.
Name: Momo :3
Age: 18
Location: Knoxville, atm, Memphis starting in late August (going to the University)
Occupation: Student
Web page(s): facebook
Lolita Style: Sweet, sometimes classic.
How long you have been a lolita: Since '08, and since I lost so much weight, I'm basically starting over :(
My fave thing about lolita is _______: the fact that the clothes are not being made by children in a chinese sweatshop :( I know that seems like a bizarre favorite thing, but I'd much rather lay down the extra dough if it means I'm boycotting the horrible labor conditions (something that's literally impossible to do in America).
Fave brand: Innocent World, though I only just now lost enough weight to wear their stuff xD
Other interests: I'm a Japanese major at UM, and a pretty decent artist, though I'm not pursuing it. Very into music, specifically industrial rock (NIN, Marilyn Manson), increasingly prog-alternative rock (Radiohead), and jrock (Dir en Grey, MUCC, Miyavi, many more).
Fave thing in your wardrobe: My BTSSB socks. My best-best-bestie gave them to me, and so they're worth more than everything else. I could never part with them.
Most wanted item (right now): A NEW BLOUSE OMG. Followed closely by A NEW PURSE OMG. But I have to do my college shopping firsts.
Personal quote: The greatest virtue in humankind is to let that which does not matter truly slide.
6 random facts about you:
wahhh no thanks. >>

Dec. 10th, 2007



To a new comm!

Welcome one and all!

To start off our new community comment with a little bit about yourself, cut and paste the form below in a comment!
This will be a fun and easy way to learn more about each other.

Web page(s): (myspace, flikr, DA, ect?)
Lolita Style:
How long you have been a lolita:
My fave thing about lolita is _______.
Fave brand:
Other intrests:
Fave thing in your wardrobe:
Most wanted item (right now):
Personal quote:
6 random facts about you:


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